What is detoxification?

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What is detoxification?

A process where our body transforms toxins to a less harmful substance, for example, into a water soluble state.

We are constantly exposed to thousands of chemicals every day and our bodies are working continuously to eliminate unwanted materials and toxins.  While we could all work to reduce our daily toxin exposure, we don’t live in a bubble, so total toxic exposure is impossible to avoid. 

How do toxins enter our bodies?

Via food and water, inhaled, via the skin as pesticides and toiletries, surface exposure from hand to mouth, nail biting and from injections and drugs. We are all born with a toxins, inherited from our parents and ancestors and it is our lifestyle that determines how they are expressed.  When we are deficient in nutrients or our immune system is not working efficiently we are more prone to illness and toxins.  When our thoughts are negative or we allow ‘poisonous’ relationships into our lives, our body recognises these as toxins.

Why detoxify?

We are all exposed to toxins daily, they accumulate in our bodies and need to be processed and removed to prevent toxic stress.

The liver is the most important organ for detoxification and elimination.  It acts like a cleaning power house, receiving blood from the body and our digestive system, carrying dead cells, hormones and toxins from our food and water and bacterial toxins from our colon. It behaves like a big filter, so it is important to look after this precious organ. 

What happens if I am toxic?

Toxins affect the way our cells work and although our body has evolved to deal with them, it’s the gradual accumulation over the years, that affects the way our cells behave.  First, our cells become inefficient and over time they may slow down, their environment becomes more acidic and they can’t produce as much energy needed to drive our bodily functions.  Eventually the cell will break down and die.  Of course our cells are being replaced all the time, but if this toxic process continues for years, it can lead to chronic illness.  

How can I tell if I am toxic?

Some symptoms of toxic accumulation:-

  • Low energy levels and brain fog
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Chemical sensitivities and allergies
  • Skin problems
  • Emotional and hormonal imbalance
  • Toxic thoughts and relationships

When is the best time do detox?

We mostly think about detox and weight loss after Christmas because of overindulgence and although this is not a bad idea, spring and autumn are the best times for a seasonal detoxification.  In autumn, to prepare for the winter rejuvination and in spring, to prepare for growth and winter accumulation.    Winter is actually a time to rest and restore, especially when our climate is dark, cold and damp.  A time to eat warm, cooked, nourishing and mildly spiced foods. 

How should I detox?

Our bodies are in fact detoxing all the time, especially at night, our bodies sleep to rest and repair.  Detoxification is an overused word and there are hundreds of different detox and cleansing products on the market, the choices can be overwhelming.

The best way to detox, is to promote the body’s natural cleansing and protective mechanisms.  Be gentle with your body and create the best environment possible.  This may involve reducing stress, improving our diet, rehydrate, enjoy fresh air and exercise, be kind and avoid toxic relationships. Use gentle spices and herbs and avoid overeating.

Nothing is good or bad, don’t punish yourself or deny yourself a treat, what ever that might be, learn about who you are and what is right for you and what you need to be true to yourself.

For my clients who like a seasonal cleanse to support detoxification or after a bout of food poisoning, I recommend Caprylic Acid Formula, a blend of food extracts, herbs and botanicals, for internal cleansing and healing actions, alongside the Probiotic Blend to help rebalance our gut flora.  To purchase these products please use this link to the featured products











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