Magnesium 40mg

Magnesium is so important for most of the processes in our body and brain, playing a role in our nervous system, supporting energy production.

Known as natures tranquilizer, a soothing and calming mineral, it may help us get a better nights sleep.

A 100mg therapeutic dose is also available


Key Benefits
Nutritional Value
Suggested Use

99% of body magnesium is inside the cell and participates in hundreds of enzymes system and chemical reaction

Energy production

Protein, bone and DNA synthesis

Muscle contraction and nerve function

Blood pressure

Lung function and immunity


It is estimated that as many as 75% of people in the western world are considered deficient.  Cooking and food processing easily depletes magnesium and it is one of the most common dietary deficiencies worldwide, especially in the elderly.

Conveniently provided in two strengths of 100mg and 40mg to support you during challenging times and when a specific therapeutic dose may be required.


Product Ingredient:

Lactobacillus bulgaricus providing magnesium; capsule shell: vegetable cellulose.

Product Non-Actives:

Vegetable cellulose.

Nutritional Information:

Each capsule provides on average:

Nutrient Per Capsule %NRV
Magnesium 40mg 11

NRV = Nutrient Reference Value

Suggested use: 1-2 capsules daily as a food supplement or as recommended by your practitioner

No known contra indications



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