Beta Glucans


Mushrooms are one of the most important therapeutic arsenals of our natural world.  Each species contain hundreds of active molecules such as polysaccharides, including beta (β) glucans.

These β-glucans are powerful immunomodulators and alert our body to activate its defence against bacterial and viral invaders.

One capsule contains 250mg of pure extraction β-glucans 1,3 & 1,6, are gluten free and contains NO live yeast to prevent allergic reactions.


Key Benefits
Nutritional Value
Suggested Use

Βeta (β) glucans are known as “biological response modifiers” because they can activate an immune response, enabling the body’s defense system to overwhelm and attack invading pathogens. 

How do β glucans activate our immune system in the intestine?

When taken orally β glucans are captured by specialised cells called Peyer patches, in our lymphatic tissue, they cover the mucous membrane in our intestine that monitor bacterial activity.  Studies have shown these cells facilitate the transport of β glucans towards the lymph nodes, spleen and bone marrow.  Here they interact with macrophages (immune cells) to activate our immune system.


Cold & flu support

Infection support

β Glucans 1,3 & 1,6 should not be confused with beta-glucans found in oats that may help to reduce cholesterol.


Product Ingredients:

Yeast concentrate providing beta-glucans 1,3 & 1,6;


Product Non-Ingredients:

Capsule shell: Vegetable cellulose.

No known contra indications.


Free from wheat, gluten, live yeast, soy, lactose, starch, added sugars, colouring, flavourings and preservatives.

Keep cool and dry and out of direct sunlight.

Each capsule provides:

Nutrient Per Capsule %NRV
Beta-Glucans 1,3 & 1,6 250 mg *

NRV = Nutrient Reference Value.

*Indicates no NRV.

Energy, protein, carbohydrate and fat content negligible.

One capsule daily or as directed by your practitioner. 1 capsule daily gives you 2 months supply.

Best taken early in the morning, but can be taken with or without food any time.


Suitable also for vegans, vegetarians and for people with candida and yeast sensitivities.



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