Nskea Health Products

Whole food supplements NOT synthetic - As nature intended

My supplements are formulated using exceptional quality whole foods, providing real nutrients that our bodies have evolved to recognise, absorb and utilise, just as nature intended. They are formulated from foods such as tangerines, lemons, oranges, grapefruit and beneficial bacteria.

The amount of supplements and nutritional information available can be overwhelming. While there are a few companies offering food state options, virtually all supplements are created in a chemical synthetic form. These are known as isolated nutrients with no delivery system, sometimes even labeled natural. You wont find a single chemical isolate or amino acid chelates in the range!

Our bodies are not designed to operate on chemically laden, nutritionally stripped food and it is unnatural for vitamins and minerals, in an isolated inorganic chemical state, to be utilised correctly in our body.

When we eat real food, we are not consuming single nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins and minerals, as well as cofactors and enzymes. The majority of enzymes need minerals (called cofactors) and vitamins (called coenzymes) to ensure the nutrients are recognised, absorbed and used correctly by our body. The relationship between enzymes and co-enzymes is a bit like that between lock and key. Plants provide an overall package of nutrition, providing a biodiverse mix of amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids and bioflavonoids to ensure the food nutrient is delivered to its receptor site.

Food state supplements are presented to our cells as a food matrix, where the vitamins and minerals naturally occur as close as possible to natural food, which are easily recognised by our body. This is why food state supplements are so efficient and so successful. Because they are already whole foods in themselves, there is no chemical interchange, and can be taken without being accompanied by food.



Observations in clinical and comparative trials

Absorption into the blood of humans was significantly higher for food state nutrients
Food State nutrients where superior in clinical applications
Food state nutrients where are excreted more slowly in the urine than my chemical isolate counterparts
Food state nutrients were retains longer in the blood
Food state nutrients tested for physiological activity performed significantly better than their counterparts
Trace mineral toxicity was much less in food state products
Nutrients are 100% metabolised in the living cell when they are in food state form

I am proud to say my food states supplements are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They're free from GMOs and pesticides, wheat, starch, gluten, milk products (lactose), added sugar, colourings, flavourings and preservatives.