How To Support Your Immune System With Nutrition

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How to keep our immune system as robust as possible and build our family’s resilience.

Maintaining a nutritionally dense diet has to be our number one priority, followed closely by managing our stress levels, getting good quality sleep, staying active and getting plenty of laughter.  All these aspect of our lives are fundamental to immune resilience!  

Nutritionally dense means eating a varied, diverse and colourful diet of fresh unprocessed food. Cooking with mild spices and herbs, encourage digestion and reducing caffeine, sugar, gluten and alcohol help to reduce the toxic burden our bodies have to cope with on a daily basis.  Include immune boosting foods such as garlic, citrus (with peel), ginger turmeric and mushrooms.

Vitamin C, E, D, Zinc and Selenium levels must be optimal and nutrients from food are always best, but not always easy, sadly, due to our depleted soil, so it may be beneficial to supplement during stressful and viral times.  

Evidence suggests 200mg of vitamin C daily can shorten viral illness and frequency, although the synthetic form, ascorbic acid, can cause intestinal pain in some of us with oral supplementation. This does not happen with Foodstate vitamin C, so larger doses can be taken without discomfort.  Dont forget vitamin C is water soluble and we don’t store or make it! Exciting recent research is showing that intravenous vitamin C is proving effective in the treatment of pneumonia from Coronavirus.

Keeping a check on our vitamin D levels can be a game changer and ensuring we are absorbing enough sunlight is vital, especially in cold, darker climates where supplementation is essential.  Vitamin D deficiency,  or even having suboptimal levels, can reduce our immunity and leave us vulnerable to viral replication, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Vitamin D protects the lungs and can be beneficial in modulating cytokine storms.

Zinc and Selenium are powerful antioxidant minerals for helping to prevent viral and bacterial infections.

MUSHROOMS are one of the most important therapeutic arsenals of our natural world and we have evolved with them for hundreds of years.  They contain hundreds of active molecules including Beta Glucans.  When taken orally, they are captured by immune cells in our intestines and they help to activate and modulate these immune cells.

Probiotics are a vital edition to supporting our immune system, ensuring efficient digestion and promoting efficient movement of food through our colon, which is important for clearing toxins from our body. Probiotics are indicated for reducing inflammation, viruses, acidity, IBS, allergies and gastroenteritis.  Make sure to feed our gut microbiome with plenty of fresh plant food and fibre!

I am honoured to report that one of our pioneers of Foodstate supplements has been commissioned to work with hospitals in China to create immune system protocols, helping us to deal with the pandemic we face today. I am confident to recommend natural and effective supplements, easily absorbed and made from real food, not chemicals.  

A reality check!

This may not be the last time we are faced with viral threats or global pandemics.  we are presented with a unique opportunity to take charge of our health. Take a closer look at our lifestyle, our family dynamics and our thought processes, notice any vulnerable areas we can address, to help us strengthen our connection to living a more fulfilled life.  Let us choose to  educate ourselves and take responsibility for our health to minimise risk of infections,  realise our fears and build our own resilience …. to be our healthiest selves! 


I will be putting together an immune package and a super immune package at a special promotional price for June.  

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