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I provide the highest quality FoodState vitamins & minerals, truly natural supplements made from real food, in the form that is found in nature, allowing for optimal absorption in the body. As a Functional Practitioner I offer nutritional advice, to help make better choices for a healthier, happier life.

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Detoxification Support OFFER

Detoxification Support OFFER

FOR A HAPPY HEALTHY GUT! A great time for a seasonal cleanse to support detoxification, to help balance digestion, or support after a bout of food poisoning. Caprylic Acid Formula is a blend of food extracts, herbs and botanicals, for internal cleansing and healing, alongside Probiotic Blend to restore the balance of our gut microbiome.

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What is the Immune System?

There are different branches of our immune system.  About 70% of our immune system and their related cells are located within our digestive system, lining the mucosa of our gastro intestinal (GI) tract.The health of our digestive system plays a vital role in providing a healthy immune system.   It relies heavily on an adequate… View Article


How To Support Your Immune System With Nutrition

  How to keep our immune system as robust as possible and build our family’s resilience. Maintaining a nutritionally dense diet has to be our number one priority, followed closely by managing our stress levels, getting good quality sleep, staying active and getting plenty of laughter.  All these aspect of our lives are fundamental to… View Article